Rules? More what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules…

Admin will only enforce rule number 10. The rest are guidelines, codes of conduct, whatever you may call it. If you wish to play with or against other players, and you like PVP and raiding, make sure you play in a way that attracts players.

  1. Choose a name.
    • Inappropriate or offensive names are allowed. Ie. names containing vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive, including any usernames which are sexual in nature are encouraged on Arksanity!
  2. No cheating, hacking, glitching or exploiting.
    • If this isn’t self-explanatory…
  3. No building inside caves.
    • Don’t block artifact spawns.
    • Avoid blocking loot spawns in caves.
    • No blocking underwater progression caves.
    • Build in underwater resource caves as much as you like.
  4. No blocking cave entrances.
    • Build your base outside a cave if you like!
    • But make sure anyone can venture into the cave.
    • No blocking underwater caves unless you build a base inside it.
  5. No blocking Obelisks.
    • Rule is now re-enforced as supply crates (beacons) might drop at random places.
  6. No killing of noobs.
    • Any player below lvl 80 is considered a noob.
    • If you constantly kill noobs, the server will die…
    • Leaving you alone in a barren solo-playing wasteland…
    • If that is what you want, go play on official servers…
  7. No griefing.
    • You are not allowed to block player spawn location.
    • Unnecessary total destruction of bases and killing of all dinos, even those on passive, is considered griefing. There’s a fine line between raiding and griefing, if you wanna be a dick, feel free to do it on some other server…
  8. No whining.
    • This is not PVE!
    • This is PVP with no rules… basically.
    • You either learn the hard way, or die crying.
  9. No foundation spamming.
    • It will be removed without warning.
    • If you intend to build something somewhere, build it.
  10. The Server Is God!
    • The longevity and health of the server is above all else. If you play or conduct yourself in a manner that negatively affects the server, your imprisonment on Arksanity will be reevaluated.

Updated: 16.06.18